☆ April 4, 2012 ☆

It had been far too long since the entirety of the Battlefront members had vanished without a word. Could it be that they had moved on past this afterlife of theirs? Naoi doubted it, especially considering Yuri’s resolve, but then… Where were they?  

Naoi had waited for a couple days, thinking they’d return. After the second day, however, Naoi began to actively search high and low for them. We looked to the wilderness that surrounded the school, searching from atop huge trees and climbing down into great underground caves. Still, he found no sign of them. He even attempted to go down to Guild, but gave up when the active traps proved to be too much for him alone.

"Otonashi-san…" Naoi whispered beneath his breath. He really hoped they’d hurry up and return.

— — —

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☆ March 22, 2012 ☆
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Naoi stood in the principal’s office, pondering where exactly everyone had rushed off to. He’d already been waiting for a while, but there was still no sign that anyone would be returning anytime soon.
"Hmph. How dare they leave God to wait for them like this, without a word. They’re most certainly not worth my time, except of course for Otonashi-san." 

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y-you? ~Great~ -the girl bows politly-
asks kanadetach

Ah. Hello, President.
-slightly bows head-

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Clothespins are quite useful for a number of things.

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